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We provide limited transportation to our students that reside on  the north side of the river. You can download a permission form and submit to Mrs. Hunniford if you would like to participate. Please note that ridership is limited.

Students using PCS buses must adhere to the following rules:

• Stay seated with back against the seat back while the bus is in motion

• Keep arms and heads inside the bus at all times

• Do not throw anything out of a bus window

• Obey the bus driver

• Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed

• Take all belongings when leaving the bus

• Exit in an orderly and respectful fashion

Riding the bus is a privilege for students. The bus is an extension of PCS and students will be held accountable for the adherence of PCS CARES and PCS expectations while on the bus. Students who choose to disobey the rules may be suspended from using the bus for a time or lose the privilege of using bus transportation altogether.