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The two vendors on our website have all the available options at affordable prices, including tops, pants and jackets, sweaters, and cardigans. PARENTS ARE TO USE THESE TWO VENDORS ONLY. This insures that you are purchasing exactly what has been approved of by our Board. If you have questions about sizing, trying on pants/shorts, etc. please direct these to the vendor as we do not have inventory at the school.

For details on our Uniform Policy in its entirety, please download a copy and review.


Dear Parents,

We understand that many of you have purchased uniform shirts only to find them backordered (some through end of August). Please know we recognize that this is no fault of your own and are offering a few solutions for you!

1. We have quite a few uniform shirts that have been donated back to the school that are in very good condition and these are free to anyone! We also have shorts and a few jackets. We have more large sizes than small.

2. If we do not have collared shirts in your child’s size, we have a surplus of new and gently used spirit shirts. These will be acceptable for those that do not have a collared shirt until your orders are fulfilled.

3. You may purchase solid color black or hunter green t-shirts (Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc) and wear until your orders are filled.

Uniform bottoms are still expected to be worn with shirts tucked in with belts (for applicable grade levels).

If you want to come by and check out our inventory, we are here until 3pm Wednesday, Friday, Monday (8/8) and Tuesday (8/9). We will be closing early for our staff outing on Thursday at 2pm. Please ask to see Nurse Patty.

We hope this relieves some of your stress as I know many of you are working hard to be in compliance with our Uniform Policy and we appreciate that very much!

See you soon!
PCS Administration

Approved Vendors:

Manatee Apparel & Graphics
Dennis M. Frey

Uniform Solutions Plus
Sue Wainio-Oato
Order Online