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Elementary Morning Meeting

The four components of Morning Meeting are the Greeting, Sharing, an Activity and News and Announcements.

During the Greeting children are learning:
To know and use everyone’s name
To communicate clearly in front of a group
To make eye contact
To develop auditory perception and left to right progression
To wait their turn
To be courteous, considerate, and caring
To pay attention and focus on the speaker

During Sharing children are learning:
To retell experiences in sequence
To use critical thinking skills
To organize ideas and identify the main idea
To express opinions and draw conclusions
To respect the opinions, experiences, and cultures of others
To make comparisons and infer causes
To select appropriate thoughts to share
To ask respectful questions and give meaningful comments
To gain knowledge through the experiences of others
To become more familiar v.1th themselves and others
To develop empathy and compassion
To enhance laJ1guage arts skills, including listening and public speaking

During the Activity children are learning:
To solve problems
To think quickly and creatively
To identify patterns, sequences. action words and directions
To improve their gross motor skills, muscle control, hand–eye coordination and balance
To interact easily with classmates .
To learn through movement
To feel apart of the group and support each other
To see the fun in learning and have a good time

During the News and Announcements children are learning:
To practice multiple reading skills Including left to right progression, upper and lower case letters,
letter sounds, rhyming words, and using context clues
To recall familiar words
To develop skills in language arts including the use of proper grammar and the use of various punctuation marks
To identify verbs, adjectives, compound words. and pronouns
To practice math skills including counting. adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
To strengthen predicting, sequencing, estimation and probability skills

Middle School Morning Meeting

Middle School Morning Meetings take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They include the same basic components as those in Elementary, but are modified to fit the specific needs and interests of middle school students.