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Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Parents applying to a Charter School do not have to utilize School Choice. You may visit our Registration page for information on getting your child registered.

Palmetto Charter School has three classes at each grade level Kindergraten - 3rd and two classes in our 4th - 8th. Class sizes are consistent with state law governing charter schools (average of 18 per class K – 3rd and 22 per class 4th – 8th).  Our capacity is 436 students.

Charter schools are public schools supported by tax dollars. Therefore, there is no charge to attend.  All families, however, will be required to volunteer at least 20 hours during the school year.

All teachers are highly qualified and certified to teach by the State of Florida.

Yes.  Bus transportation will be provided for a large portion of the North River area.  For more information, visit our Transportation page.

The school follows the same calendar as the Manatee County School District.  (No early release on Wednesdays.)  All grades begin at 8:15am and Kindergarten - 4th Grade finish at 2:45pm. Our 5th Graders are released at 3:00pm. Middle School times are 8:15 – 3:00.

Beyond the normal academic classes, Palmetto Charter School offers Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, Computer and Spanish.  In addition, PCS services the needs of most eligible ESE and ELL students.  A wide array of after-school activities, including competitive sports and Odyssey of the Mind, are also available.

Our first priority is to create a superior learning and social environment.  Responsive Classroom, a social development/character development program, has been instrumental in helping our students cultivate character traits such as respect, cooperation, responsibility, empathy and self-control.  Our emphasis on traditional values and a strong academic program are the foundation of Palmetto Charter’s success.