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During my 28 years as an educator in Manatee County, I have learned many things that have shaped my approach to education and what is required for a successful school. Most of these can be summed up in my top three priorities:

1. Create a superior learning/social environment where students behave in a respectful and responsible manner.

2. Expect high academic results, and don't settle for mediocrity.

3. Hire great teachers and let them teach.

If these sound like your priorities, please consider a Palmetto Charter School education for your children.

Soar High Eagles!
Mr. Brian Bustle

The mission of Palmetto Charter School is to create a superior learning environment founded upon the shared values of hard work, honor, self-discipline, and community and parental involvement, with the purpose of preparing students for academic and social success, in high school and beyond.

Palmetto Charter School offers a rigorous academic program that is designed to prepare students for success in Honors and other Advanced Level classes at the high school level. We begin in our primary grades by laying a strong foundation through instruction in phonics and basic math facts. We build on this foundation with a solid literacy program involving chapter books, utilization of the Accelerated Reader program and other research based direct instruction and computer assisted programs.

Our focus on grammar instruction in 3rd – 8th grade is reaping superior results, as students are learning to write using proper sentence structure and punctuation. This commitment to Language Arts continues into middle school where students take separate Reading and English (grammar/ writing) classes. In fact, all of our Language Arts and Math classes in grades 6th – 8th are advanced classes. Eighth grade students may also take Digital Information Technology, Algebra I and Spanish I for high school credit. We also offer Art, Music, Computers and Physical Education. Please visit our Clubs and Activities page for more information.

In all, we are building a school which combines high expectations, hard work, outstanding instructors and the newest technology, with the purpose of producing superior students.

For the full dress code policy and vendor information, please click here!

We are currently working with suppliers for our uniform shirts.  You can choose your supplier and pay them directly. If you choose to have the shirts sent to the school, we will hold them for you to pickup.

Parents play a vital role in the educational process for students.  Seeing parents and family members involved in the school sends a strong message to children that school is an important place.

Parents with students attending Palmetto Charter School have entered into a contract where they are responsible to perform twenty (20) hours of volunteer time per family each year.

At least ten of the hours must include direct service to the school. The remaining ten hours can be earned in what we refer to as in-direct. Click the link below for details:

Please see our policy in its entirety to determine direct vs. indirect and to get more information.

Volunteer hours can be tracked by each family by creating a Track it Forward Account.  You can do this by going to

Please note:  Palmetto Charter School strictly enforces the volunteer time requirement.  In accordance with the parent contract you signed, failure to complete your obligation will result in the student not being allowed to re-enroll for the following year.  Our parental involvement is part of what makes our school special.  So, please start early on your volunteer time.

The Palmetto Charter School Code of Student Conduct is grounded in the Responsive Classroom approach.  Where the Palmetto Charter School Code of Student Conduct does not address a particular issue, PCS will be guided by the MCSD Code of Student Conduct.

Student Handbook - Revised October 2022 

Manatee School Student Code of Conduct


Palmetto Charter School participates in Flag Football, Cheerleading, Girl’s Volleyball, Cross Country, Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer, Tennis and Golf. Please contact Christian Leavitt, our Athletic Director, if you have any questions regarding our program.

We also have various Clubs that meet around our campus.



What is Responsive Classroom®?

Responsive Classroom® is a school-wide initiative. It stresses cooperation, responsibility, independence, caring and self-control.  It blends social learning with high academic standards. Our mentor school is Sarasota Suncoast Academy and they have received training from the Northeast Foundation for Children to implement Responsive Classroom®. We are concentrating on the first two components, Morning Meeting and Rules & Logical Consequences.


"Choosing to send my children to Palmetto Charter School was one of the best decisions I have made. It is an academically rigorous program with high expectations, but the smaller school size creates a caring, family environment in which both of my girls have thrived and excelled! The staff and administration are doing a great job and I am thankful to be a part of such an outstanding campus." - Roxanne Britt

"Palmetto Charter School is a great school! Our three children are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Palmetto Charter School, and love it. Palmetto Charter has great teachers, an awesome Administration, and an environment that allows children to be successful in their academics. We feel that our children are receiving a great education, while learning how to respect themselves, and other students." - George and Jennifer Ameres

"My children attended the PCS middle school program. My son, now graduated from high school, took part in the 8th grade trip to Washington DC which was a learning experience of a lifetime. My youngest daughter is currently in high school. She loves her teachers and the sports programs, volleyball and soccer. The Principal provides great leadership which creates a wonderful learning environment for our children." - Kim & Peter Vole